Facial Eczema helping suffering stock

Stock suffering from facial eczema need special attention, eczema is not a disease that can be cured with antibiotics, infact it is not even a disease. What is important to understand is that the eczema spores damage the liver and in damaging the liver there are dramatic changes in the type of food the stock can successfully process

To help affected stock you need to

  1. Avoid or reduce diets high in protein ā€“ eg. fresh green pasture ā€“ Autumn pasture, especially following a dry spell can be high in both nitrogen and nitrates, remember protein = total N x 6.25, I often see protein levels as high as 35% to 40% especially if urea has been applied. The liver, which has already been stressed or partly destroyed by the eczema, will be put under more stress by having to process the extra dietary N intake from the pasture
  2. Avoiding grazing fresh high protein pasture will help stock recover more quickly as you are reducing N intake reducing liver stress
  3. Supplement with good quality hay and mature grass if possible
  4. And as w all know ā€“ offer shade to alleviate suffering


  1. Drench severely affected cows with 300gms of zinc sulphate heptahydrate a day for 2 days. This is a high dose, but I have had personal experience and have seen the results
  2. Shut off the water intake into the water trough and dose with zinc sulphate, not zinc oxide. Zinc sulphate heptahydrate. Add at least 2kgs to a 1100litre trough. When the trough is nearly empty fill and add more zinc

This is a harsh treatment but it does quickly reduce suffering and rapidly improve their chance of survival. In 1971 I personally lost 30 cows with another 30 badly effected with eczema, the above treatment worked wonders with their survival and recovery

Remember liver damage accumulates, animals that have may have suffered limited damage this year may experience more next year so you can expect to suffer more losses in the future unless liver damage is reduced. The zinc treatment will greatly reduce if not eliminate these future losses

Remember Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate not Zinc Oxide gives greater recovery

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