Over the past 36 years I have worked in many countries consulting with soils, crops and livestock.

I offer the basics in understanding and working backwards to identify the foundation of a particular problem. One of my teachers Dr Bob Scott of Minneapolis USA always said find the root of a problem, sort that out and the rest will fall into place. His motto was to keep it simple, work with your client and together see the results.

Countries I have worked in are:

Countries that I have reported on soils only include Iran,Tibet,Uganda,Timor and Ghana.

In my work using what is known as the Albrecht model for soil analysis you can quickly identify both qualities and limitations of a particular soil. I have worked with researchers and research centres and outperformed their local trials. This does not mean they are failing in their own work just that with the added information they have achieved more.

In the world today research is searching for ways to increase our food supply, most is being done looking at plant genetics – fantastic, but on the other side we already have the knowledge to increase yields now by up to 30% without genetics. Another issue is that plant breeders are concentrating on volume not nutritional content.

My Consultancy offers you the following:

  • Soil Nutrition: Starting with a comprehensive soil analysis, then interpretation, formulation of a specific fertilizer program aimed at improving soil structure and soil nutritional balance.
  • Crop Nutrition and resulting health issues in communities.
  • Pasture/crop nutrition, looking at likely effects from a poor soil or good soil, pasture/leaf analysis followed by a comprehensive foliar (leaf/pasture applied) program. End result improved fruit/vegetable/quality.
  • Animal Nutrition: Evaluation of health issues, including lameness from foot scald, and remedial and prevention programs.
  • New farm assessments
  • Soil conservation
  • Parks and reserves