Acne Eczema Sclorosis Skin Rashes ZINC is the answer

Acne, eczema, pimples and other skin rashes can be devastating to some especially if they continue long term. But this issue can be easily addressed if we look at the basics. As most realise the problem is basically the result of a bad diet or a diet low in essential nutrients, eg diets high Protein, low zinc and vitamin A Zinc treatment for acne is the real answer: I have been able to cure most acute cases of acne etc relatively quickly with higher daily doses of zinc. I have had friends that have been under a medical program for years with limited but have been virtually cured after only a few weeks when taking higher doses of zinc. Iam not being critical of doctors as they are essential in our society. What we do know is that there is a huge industry out there of all sorts of prescriptions that will also slowly work but at what cost? Zinc was the preferred treatment prior to modern medicine, with all chemists stocking it, but within the last 15 years it has disappeared from their shelves. Zinc is available from all health shops in tablet form and in some as a liquid but the general limitation is that concentrations are normally too low to make a serious difference or the recommendations are too low. Most mineral  vitamin supplements provide a maintenance zinc dose only they don’t provide a therapeutic dose so if you have a problem you don’t get the right advice so to get a result we need to go beyond normal recommendations Men/boys have a higher zinc requirement than women/girls due to our physiological requirements. So men you need to take more Acne etc starts inside your body system what you see on the outside is a result toxic build up on the inside. Associated with bad skin are also bad hair and bad nails. All nutrition is from the inside out and what we put into our bodies has a direct effect on all aspects of our health, nothing new I know but we need to understand this simple fact. And parents what you teach your children to eat will have a direct effect on their health for the rest of their lives Zinc treatment for acne beneficial effects:

  • Improved skin health
  • Improved hair quality
  • Increases finger nail health
  • Repairs body tissue

Yes zinc is a natural healer. Zinc side effects if taking too much:

  • Suppresses calcium – you need to be taking a lot for this to happen. But we must also understand the a high calcium intake suppresses body zinc

Zinc low why:

  • High protein diets: High protein especially from commercially grown green vegetables is a major factor. This will occur if they make up a large percentage of your diet. Especially if eaten with high protein meat.
  • Consumption of low zinc food.
  • Lack of knowledge of what our food contains – this applied to most of us, I was lucky in that I was involved with a laboratory and saw many analytical results of our vegetables. This has enabled me to know first hand what they are missing or what they have too much of and the main offender is too much nitrogen which is often in the toxic form. We must understand that all plant and animal life contain nitrogen and nitrogen x 6.25 = protein. Why 6.25 because protein is 16% nitrogen. 100/16 = 6.25. So vegetables contain protein in the form of Nitrates, Nitrites or amino acids, if too much is in the nitrate form then we toxicity which is a major problem with our commercial green leafy vegetables
  • Lack of understanding of how important zinc is. Note that all minerals are essential for our body functions

Zinc how much: Women: Under 50kg – 75 to 80gms/day of actual zinc 50 to 80kg – 80 to 100gms/day Over 80kg 100 to 120gms/day of actual zinc Men: Under 75kg – 100 to 150gms/day of actual zinc Over 75kg – 150 to 200mgs/day These are only guides and if you have a serious problem then you need to discuss it with the writer or you health physician Zinc as a liquid is readily available from many health food shops, when purchasing always check the concentration Bryan L McLeod       What causes

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