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Using both past and present scientific based research and real world experience with human and animal health as well as soil and pasture management, Bryan explains with insightful, informative and relevant evidence for the benefits of eating well for a long healthy life.

Bryan is frustrated by the lack of progress in human nutrition compared to that of animals. Animal nutrition appears to be well advanced whereas human nutrition lags behind, but is this the case or is it a case of research findings not getting out to the public, or lack of education?

Bryan has proven with the ability to demonstrate scientific knowledge with a common sense approach that good nutrition for a longer and healthier life starts with the right facts and right approach which are shown and explained further in this blog.

If you are keen to learn how you can maximize your chances of living a rewarding and most fulfilling lifestyle with healthy eating choices then be sure to read on as Bryan uses his 30+ years’ experience to inform and explain ways to optimize your eating habits.

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" Every essential element either in our fertilizer or diet is a contaminant if over supplied. " " Soil restoration and conservation is possible when under full cropping if the right principals are followed. " " We don’t need to search for the secret of long life, we already have the answers, we just don’t have the skills to recognize them. " “ Chemicals in our fruit and vegetables need to be avoided but are not the main downfall of our health. The lack of understanding between our body requirements and what we eat is our limiting factor. ” “ The promotion of high to excess protein diets is the biggest killer in world health in the western world today. ” Bryan McLeod



The ability to grow your own vegetables might seem like a healthy choice compared to all the unhealthy options from commercially grown suppliers but if your soil or plants are lacking in the right nutrients then they may be not in the right choice for you or your family.



Brian explains the direct relationship between the nutritional status of your soil and the following; soil microbial activity, pasture palatability and utilisation by stock, crop establishment and production as well as nutrient content, how your soil nutritional status directly effects both shelf life and flavour along with other important topics.



It has been and continues to be one of my frustrations in life, the lack of understanding of food and why we need it. Like all plants and animals we require daily intake of essential; minerals, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, water and exposure to sun.



Pasture testing is a sure way of knowing what value and level of nutrients your soils and pastures are providing to your stock. Pastures vary widely from winter to spring to summer autumn so it is an important tool to help you understand just what your pastures are or are not providing.